y s i m a r o


ysimaro is a video / sound project by LDQ, from zurich, suisse / greece 

the project is based on experimental video-art and music

instrument(s): field recordings, contact microphones, analog synthesizers, voices, guitars, effect pedals, electric organ, flutes, objects, tapes, etc.
label: anamorph experimental
years active: 2017 – present


in 2015, returning from south america, where i lived for several years, i had a tremendous desire to be creative. i took my analog video camera and went to the fields to capture images of light / reflection. the subtile, abstract or geometric designs (codes) of nature have always fascinated me, for the simple reason, that all creation is a decoded language that stimulates the senses and the brain

the first edit of the video (20min long) was screened at my live performance in vienna (2017); later in fall equinox 2018, i had the idea to start an art-video series which i called, p h o t o s y n t h e s i s 



18.12.18  p h o t o s y n t h e s i s # 01 vienna / austria

15.06.18 field recordings in wechsel / austria

3.05.18 field recordings in national park ‘dehnenpark’ / austria

21.12.17  live performance at aart18 / vienna

12.09.17 field recordings in amorgos island / greece

8.8.17 field recordings at keutschacher see  / austria