„there are a lot of paths; i choose the one of the heart.“, don juan

there is no better way to talk about shamanism and all i have learned, than to start with the simple words of don juan and his nagual group of carlos castaneda; they have filled my earthly existence with inner strength, passion, wisdom and gratitude for creation itself, in every single moment

without the pulse of this physical and etheric drum / ear= the h.ear.t, i would be lost in oblivion of oneself. indeed, shamanism has re(member)ed me, that the heart is a rose flower, and that its only bourn is to shine magnificent -, awakening with its mystical fragrance every living cell of the blood= holy grail, into the immortal life

this profound alchemistical process could not be achieved without the protection of its own guardians, the thorns; without the keepers of all knowledge and life, the wise elders and powerful shamans who guard the rose= heart and guide it to its self-realization – even and before it is already born -, the rose could not be able to exist at all. they are the ‚tricksters‘ using obstacles and challenging oneself and open the doorways only for those that could die and rebirth with divine will conquering self knowledge and self-empowerment

and so is shamanism; it is the primordial marriage of the elements -, the unconditional love of spirit (triangle of water / feminine wisdom) in union with the eternal transformation of matter (triangle of fire / masculine creative power), at the center of the crystalline light of the heart (triangle of ether / the divine child), the alpha-omega logos central sun. it is the path of self love and mastery; the only path that honors oneself and all living creation, a path that gives gratitude and blesses all, as all is nourished from the great spirit

and instead of all the complexity of the shamanic paths and their multi-disciplinary techniques and practices, all of them have one and only goal; they lead to the rose-quartz and golden light within -, to the etheric paradise and eternal kingdom of light, that can only be accessed through the emerald portals of the bio-computer mothership /garden eve and its psychedelic= soul revealing, wonder-full plants, the entheo-genes; such elixir of life can cleanse and restore everything -, all implants in the inner water= blood, all shadows in the inner fire= prana. it can recode complete all DNA cellular structure and connect with the akasha records -, the central data bases of the solar disc suns which transmit via holographic tele-communication in decoded waves all datas of the alpha omega galactic wombs of all hyperspace