“sound is so ancient as the planet gaia itself. it is her voice; the unique whispering of the elements, the sacred song of the whales calling home, the wonder-full melodies of nature dancing in electric blue. it is the mother nourishing her child in her breasts. whether it is frequency or rhythm, sound is part of everything in life, and life is interconnected part of its existence. one day, the wiseman had a vision; he saw his wife putting his child into deep sleep by murmuring sound with her mouth. he realized that had the same power as his wife and wanted to evolve and listen, he started to communicate; he experienced then, that nature is psyche-delic (=revealing the soul), and with the power of the sound he traveled to the stars. when he returned, he was conscious and knew to heal (=become sound or healthy again) from evil thought. since then he uses the sound in all his daily activities, because it is impossible for wiseman to separate himself from it. life became a ritual and sound was culture. it was then, how i know this story, how my ancestors told me everything i know about it.” ldq ysimaro



the power of the sound healing


i have started to be conscious of the power of the sound already by my first astral travel. therefore, with its therapeutic abilities, i have connected deeply at the mountains of ‘sierra nevada of colombia’ and in the tropical forests along south america, where i lived in community with various indigenous tribes

natural, instrumental and acoustic sound was everywhere in their interaction. they used it to receive information from their environment, to communicate with each other, to heal and to transform; they believed and still believe that sound is the creative, generative force that brought the universe into being

listening to the air dancing with the trees and the rain offering its drops to the ground, i have been guided telepathically to develop guided sound meditations with hypnotic alpha state of lucid and vivid relaxed awareness, tuned with acoustic instruments, atmospheric audio mixes, binaural beats and brainwaves

in 2009 i hold the first guided meditations with crystal bowls in lima (peru), at ‘parque reducto’ in miraflores for a large group of audience

since then, my sound meditations have gained popularity and became confident to the participants; they have opened an important doorway for collective therapy, which i have ordered in the following sound meditations  


yoga nidra


guided meditation with tibetan bowls and natural ambience 

total relaxation of the nervous system; a light hypnotic state of trance with a focused awareness, that stimulates the brain and allows the whole organism to rest, cleanse and recharge blissfulness – a state of what the japanese zen buddhists call ‘no mind’




an etheric heart activation with vocal toning and instrumental arrangements

diving into the etheric frequency of the heart, the inca q’eros believed that munay is the power that derives from the living energetic field that animates the universe and has the power to transform everything; it releases the patterns that keep one engaged to suffering and pain and brings freedom and inner peace


dna recoding


guided sound therapy tuned with brainwave frequencies

a full potential of response-ability and self healing through the activation of the etheric mer-ka-ba light body. implants (programs) that have been installed in the genetic codes during the evolution of the species can be removed, and the entire human organism aligns with the self, in union with the spirit

2015-2019 sound sessions

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