in 2005, few months after my initiation with the nagual leader roberto in nyc, vivid visions began to shake my life; the black pathera and the rain forest of south america were appearing almost every night -, and sometimes during daydreaming. the gaze of his emerald green eyes were pouring at me, but i was not afraid. indeed i felt confident – even, when i was sitting on the rocks in deep meditation and it came to caress me like a cat, or when it was showing me places, evolving me in a mystery which was synchronizing with all events that were happening around me  – like for instant, my dear friend lowa linked me to an esoteric group called ‘4d-seminars’ that was the bond with karolina logue in colombia

our long conversations were very inspiring, and i have decided to travel to meet her -, also for the purpose of personal healing, as she was connected with an alternative therapist who might be able to release the pains at the column of my spine

visiting the local market in bogota one day, i saw a mochila, a handcraft native bag, that i haven’t decided to buy, and which i saw for the three coming nights in my visions. they told me, that its design was representing the nature and the four elements and that it was linked with the arhuacs in the mountains of sierra nevada

karolina and i, both deeply active involved with our spiritual re-awakening, we wanted to bring all pieces of the vision-puzzles together and left for an adventure. even before we have arrived in santa marta -, one of the joints that leads to the indigenous territories in the high mountains -, strong magic has started to flow. we met with people who have linked me to the information that i was needed, and without even to realize it, all was a perfect synchronicity

i will never forget the day of yemoja, on the shore of the ocean, when three indigenous figures came along my way and my breath stopped; i saw the universe in the eyes of two kogi mamos who were traveling accompanied with an elder woman three nights from their village to the coast. were these faces related to my vision a night before? i was surprised and even though completely aware -, as if i have been waiting ages for this moment to happen; as if all questions have been answered with meaningful gestures, when the kogi woman put me a chain of red beads from her necklace by our farewell; and what was the decoded language in the whispering of the children: “kogis are keeping the spirit of a l u n a alive”?

in the next days i met santiago, an activist that brought me to the village of el canto, a wiwa community, two hours away from the main road; magnificent beauty and mystery were present in every scent of flower, plant, stone, animal, river, sound. it was love at first sight; a hallucination that made me come back after few months and leave with simongey, a so called ‘hipi kogi’ that he lived in the mountains for 20 years – he knew the heart sierra very well and we went to the highs of palomino -, a very deep experience that made me give up completely my earthly life and successful socio-cultural documentary work 4(eve)r.ay┬░