in my childhood, i was amazed by the natural atmospheric sound

growing up, i liked to play piano intuitively, whenever i could find one; it was medicine for my soul and still is -, as the holographic telepaths were tuning me with the inner soundscapes and impulses of my h.ear.t

even if the sound was a ‘breaking through to the other side’, life has guided me to study another art. compositions were very sporadically and have been only expressed by specific emotional engagement -, always in free energy flow

during a time of isolation in the tropical forests of south america, i found profound communication and inspiration in the natural ambience. confident with my new environment and my natural gifts, voice and hand made indigenous instruments opened a new dimension for direct experience with sound

in 2006, experimental releases have been published in myspace and used by free internet radios. such opportunity gave me access for collaboration with various artists and involvement to a flourishing underground music scene in peru   

at 10th october 2017 was the birth of my experimental projects, ysimaro, based on natural, abstract frequencies or esthetic compositions, live or composed in studio, analog, electroacoustic or electronic   


significant compositions and live acts


2002-5 free piano compositions in vienna, nyc, paris and havana; exodus

2006 ambient compositions like, aurora and taraxacum played on the digital audio workstation garageband at the north coast of peru

2007-9 experimental compositions at the tropical forrest of south america while living in natural environments; the huntress, doorways to the inner city

2010 live performance at accid collective in lima, peru

2015-16 synth jam sessions with oboskop in vienna, austria

2017 recordings with e-guitars in lima, peru, ukhu; modular synth jam session at gss (green suns studio) in vienna, austria; a’ne himu – dog star