• nabuzimake


in 2006 i reached the high mountains of pueblo bello with wilman -, an arhuac student at the university of magdalena, that i met in my first trip to santa marta; his father, mamo vincensio, knowing about my visions, has given me permission to travel to the arhuac territories and meet him.

at the same moment, a young taita, shaman from putumayo, was traveling with us to nabuzimake, bringing the medicine of ‘yaje’, the vine of the soul to the arhuacs

juanito’s olive-emerald green eyes poured through my heart, and i heard him talking to me without moving his lips. i was very familiar with such a perception -, not only from my training with the naguals when roberto was shaken constantly my physical body with his strong telepathic abilities, but also from earlier direct experiences with the 5D realms -, and even though, i was somehow deeply moved from all the events of synchronicity that were unfolding in front of me; everything seemed to be a confirmation, like niko, juanito’s american apprentice, that discussed with me his experience with the books of carlos castaneda and the psychedelic plants during our trip    

i was 33 years old, when i took ‘the vine of the soul’ -, one of the best i have ever had -, at the full moon, as we gathered all together at the fire, inside a small ceremonial house of mamo vincensio. juanito gave me first a strong portion of ‘yaje’ to drink and without even to notice it, i was in the middle of the jungle surrounded from children that were smiling in front of my face. i was so happy present, enjoying this feeling of teleportation, until the door opened and the noise cut off my vision. a wood with the shape of a dragon caught my attention and i took it to hold my hands and dive again into vision. mountains of sierra nevada standing in front of me and i was speaking to the guardians, a huge anaconda flew over me in the speed of light and took me with it to my star; a place full of wired colorful flowers and a unicorn taking that took me for a ride to the wonder-land. by the sunrise, i could barely open my eyes, but i gazed at the sun, and for the first time, i could see all HIS colorful rays 

vincensio, war so impressive that he took his poporo and went to consult kanku seranque, the great spirit. when he returned, he asked juanito if he could visit his sister that had fallen from the donkey and had twisted her neck. he explained him that since two weeks no mamo was able to heal her. juanito agreed with a simple gesture and asked me to joint him. i immediately told him that i knew nothing about shamanism, but he smiled and said: “you don’t need knowledge, you are born with a gift. my taita gives me ‘yaje’ since child, and i can see things what others can not. but, what you did last night with a single drink, only masters do.”

was juanito’s words again a confirmation to all i have experienced since my childhood and didn’t want to believe? why i was denying myself all these years? was nature brought me to this land to show me who i truly was? 

when we reached the house of the 60 years old arahuac woman, juanito prepared his fathers and other ceremonial objects. i had no idea what to do, and intuitively my spiritual north american grand father -, a nomadic shaman leader from the north coast of canada -, appeared in front of my face and guided me to connect with fire.

i opened my palms and asked the great spirit to give me HIS power of life to transmit it to this woman; i touched her feet, her knees, her womb, her hands, her heart, her neck, her head; almost an hour passed by with the treatment we were doing both of us, and juanito asked the arahuac woman to stand up. she could move easily and surprised she touched her neck, but she felt no pain at all; she hugged him and happy walked outside the door to her family. juanito looked at me and said: “miracles can happen, when we truly believe!”

in the coming days we have visited so many arahuac houses and have treated so many sick women and children, that the mamos of this upper part of nabuzimake gathered to consult; what was the mystery, written in their eyes, that has left the wise mamos questioning? have they believed in the power of ‘yage’, the elixir that has awaken me from death to life or they thought, juanito and i were only blessed by nature?

that day, an excited soul journey began in the tropical forests and high mountains of south america, that has lasted 10 years long – a time of great silence and discipline; an endless experience of death and rebirth, that it doesn’t matter how deep or painful it was, now i know: in the silence i have heard the void and i know it exists