munay sonqo cacao ceremony


medicine plants are sacred; they have special powers to either heal humanity or teach people the secrets of the universe and of consciousness. these plants wish to help mankind evolve

seeking for inner peace and higher consciousness, we re.member who we are and we can thrive -, it means we become members of ourselves; our gifts, talents and a system of ethics designed to help us reach εὐδαιμονία, an aristotelian word that is for living well and flourishing; a state of absolute harmony with one self, with nature and all creation 


in 2012, a mexican female shaman handed me down in saqsaywaman the ancient tradition and alchemy of cocoa and its sacred preparation; a wisdom that she carried out from her village and her ancestors to all those medicine women and men that were ready to receive in sacred ceremony

few weeks later, i received the first munay-ki rites from the q’ero ancensio, guardian of the tawantinsuyo inca solar path, in four days retreat with intense practice, insights with san pedro and offerings of gratitude at the sacred lake, hatun karpay otorongo in ausangate

since then, i have the permission to perform cacao ceremonies together with munay-ki, one of the most powerful ways to communicate with nature and spirit

i invite you to dive within the depths of the soul and the inner landscapes of the heart in three appointments: a self-analysis, a direct experience with the healing power of cocoa, a practice of willpower and transformation -, as to receive the healing or teaching one has to be willing to undergo the initiations the plant puts one through

working with sacred plants in medicine ceremonies is a great response-ability and needs a proper preparation, physical and spiritual -, by the participant and the medicine plant; an essential factor for the efficacy and success of a healing ceremony

if you trust and surrender, i will guide you to discover all that you can not see by yourself and assist you to heal all that you can not succeed alone -, your metamorphosis is then only a matter of willpower!

(for copyright protection no detailed information will be published here! nowadays medicine ceremonies have become very popular, and as a result, inevitably and sadly, the sacred has become profaned. my teachers have taught me to protect the wisdom i have gained from the evil and greedy mind of those who wish to harm humanity.)