munay sonqo ceremonies combine the power of the cocoa plant and the munay cosmovision of the q’ero indians of peru -, the path of the heart that has respect and appreciation for everyone and everything. munay make us communicate with all living creation (mineral, vegetable, animal, human and light beings) in the heart and feel its interconnected bond with all existence, while the cocoa plant can deepen and harmonize these connections with all life; munay teach us to listen to the voice of the inner drum, that beats within our heart; thereby we come closer to ourselves and the true meaning of life, the living breath that keeps us alive


my initiation in the maya cosmo-vision began with the guatemalteca elder high priest, gerardo kanek barrios and the cholqij mayan calendar in 2005 -, through maria karolina in colombia. for many years, i have ritualized its sacred almanac daily with rituals and ceremonies, empowering my spirit and shamanic path

in the coming years, due to the isolation in the tropical forests with raw food diets, psychoactive plants and daily light energy practice with pranayama breathings, i have connected deeply with the cocoa plant. its magical purple raw elixir, which i have used as food and medicine, has not only harmonized me with nature, it has also accessed me to the akasha records of individual, collective, planetary and interplanetary knowledge 

in 2012, during a period of quantum activations in peru and a nagual women retreat, a mexican female shaman handed me down in saqsaywaman the ancient tradition and alchemy of cocoa and its sacred preparation; a wisdom that she carried out from her village and her ancestors to all those medicine women and men that were ready to receive in sacred ceremony




in 2012 i received the first munay-ki rites from the q’ero ancensio, guardian of the tawantinsuyo inca solar path. it was a week retreat with intense practice, insights with san pedro and offering of gratitude at the sacred lake, hatun karpay otorongo in ausangate; a very deep and mystical experience that has united me with myself and all the apus –, the guardians of the munay-love and its power that derives from the living energetic field that animates the universe

aligned with the wisdom of the earth, i have disappeared in the jungles, where i spent months listening within and practicing the energy of munay-ki, eating only raw cocoa beans and drinking water; communicating deeper with the medicine plants in ceremonies  

in 2015, i returned for the activations of the crystalline network of light to europe, where i have started to perform my first cacao ceremonies. guided from the love alchemy of the goddess with the purpose to activate the collective heart, i have called my cacao ceremonies, ‘munay sonqo’. it was then, that i met the q’ero shaman, eduardo chura apaza who was brought to vienna to teach munay-ki rites to the people; his invitation to attend a 3-days munay-ki retreat gave me access to the last munay-ki initiations and a common cacao ceremony with the intention to unite the knowledge of the shamanic paths in the center of the heart


theobroma cocoa – xocolatl


for thousand of years civilizations, such as the mayas and the aztecs in central america, used the cocoa plant for spiritual and ceremonial purposes. they believed that xocolatl seeds were the gift of quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom, and have associated it with the liquid blood as the elixir of life; they have called it: the food of god = ku ku

and so it is! the cacao, as a drink, as a bitter liquid, mixed with spices, is a powerful heart-opener that not only increases the blood flow, but also re-activates the cellular structure of the entire human organism with a ceremonial dose

who do not wish to feel again alive, free from all heavy emotions and re-connect fully with the sacredness of the moment?

seeking for inner peace and higher consciousness, we re.member who we are and we can thrive -, it means we become members of ourselves; our gifts, talents and a system of ethics designed to help us reach εὐδαιμονία, an aristotelian word that is for living well and flourishing; a state of absolute harmony with one self, with nature and all creation 


munay sonqo cacao ceremony


one of the most powerful ways of working with sacred plants -, and they are sacred for the fact that all nature have spirit -, is through medicine ceremonies. some medicine plants have special powers to either heal humanity or teach people the secrets of the universe and of consciousness. these plants wish to help mankind evolve

i invite you to dive within the depths of the soul and the inner landscapes of the heart in a three appointments; a self-analysis, a direct experience with the healing power of cocoa, a practice of willpower and transformation -, as to receive the healing or teaching one has to be willing to undergo the initiations the plant puts one through

working with sacred plants in medicine ceremonies is a great response-ability and needs a proper preparation, physical and spiritual -, by the participant and the medicine plant; an essential factor for the efficacy and success of a healing ceremony

if you trust and surrender, i will guide you to see all that you can not by yourself and assist you to heal all that you can not succeed alone -, your metamorphosis is then only a matter of willpower!

(for copyright protection no detailed information will be published here! nowadays medicine ceremonies have become very popular, and as a result, inevitably and sadly, the sacred has become profaned. my teachers have taught me to protect the wisdom i have gained from the evil and greedy mind of those who wish to harm humanity. also i wish you to use your intuition, feel deep and decide with confidence)

the fee of participation is 90 euro / dollars




2019 – cacao ceremony retreats in ecu.a.d’or, in collaboration with lumicon farm. for booking or any other information, please contact me personally

sincerely, ysimaro