• entheogens – goddess’ dna blueprint of life 

ἔνθεος (god) and γενέσθαι (coming into being)


the ET° plant medicine bio-computer of the embodied mind of the goddess, is ab.SOL.UTERUS PSYCHE.delic -, means soul revealing in greek 

it gives life and takes life. it circulates in 8HZ beat per second between mortality and immortality

no.THING is labeled with good or bad in the garden. all is G8D.dess; all is functioning a DV9 pur(e)pose, like everything in cosmos

then, why G8D.ddess’ elixirs are ‘prohibited’? who is trying to stop the human evolution and why?

personally, i felt no danger in the psychoactive plants, rather the contrary; the mushrooms have expended my consciousness and tuned me directly with myself, nature and all cosmos -, that is the ALPHA and OMEGA of all creation

what is wrong to sense that everything is alive, that everything is inter-connected with each other?

during my association with the urbane community of art to raise consciousness with my socio-cultural documentaries in nyc, i have been linked to terrence mckenna -, an american ethnobotanist and advocate for the responsible use of naturally occurring psychedelic plants 

his lectures, that i have spent months listening at the web, re.membered me of a decoded language that i have used in my speech and which was not always accessible to others -, as my body was spinning in the speed of light due to the daily practice with the daoist master, wang dongfeng

in that period of time, i have managed to exercise 8 hours per day, for 5 years during my studies at the university, and the result was enormous; my light body was so activated, that i couldn’t sleep, rather meditate for few hours

floating in zero energy and spinning in light consciousness, i was a ‘star-ship’; a vehicle of light in a state of super-conductivity, hyper-intelligence and eternal bliss -, a definition, that i have given for the activation of the light body, and for which i was very glad to listen terence mckenna to confirm

note: (ET is known as extra temporal or extra terrestrial; in the new galactic consciousness of christ, ET goes beyond T.ime and space into the in.PHI.nite liquid light, that all is Eternal Telepathy; Electro-Trance, Electricity Transmit)



in 2005, few months after my initiation with the nagual leader roberto in nyc, vivid visions began to shake my life; the black panther and the rain forest of south america were appearing almost every night -, and sometimes during daydreaming. the gaze of his emerald green eyes were pouring at me and i was not afraid. i felt confident, when i was sitting on the rocks in deep meditation and it came to caress me like a cat, or when it was showing me places, evolving me in a mystery which was synchronizing with all events that were happening around me – like for instant, my dear friend lowa linked me to an esoteric group called ‘4d-seminars’ that was the bond with maria karolina in colombia

our long conversations were very inspiring, and i have decided to travel to meet her -, also for the purpose of personal healing, as she was connected with an alternative therapist who might be able to release the pains at the column of my spine

visiting the local market in bogota one day, i saw a mochila, a handcraft native bag, that i haven’t decided to buy, and which i saw for the three coming nights in my visions. they told me, that its design was representing the nature and the four elements and that it was linked with the arhuacs in the mountains of sierra nevada

karolina and i, both deeply active involved with our spiritual re-awakening, we wanted to bring all pieces of the vision-puzzles together and left for an adventure. even before we have arrived in santa marta -, one of the joints that leads to the indigenous territories in the high mountains -, strong magic has started to flow. we met with people who have linked us to the information that we needed, and without even to realize it, all was a perfect synchronicity

i will never forget the day of yemoja, on the shore of the ocean, when three indigenous figures came along my way and my breath stopped; i saw the universe in the eyes of two kogi mamos who were traveling accompanied with an elder woman three nights from their village to the coast. were these faces related to my vision a night before? i was surprised and even though completely aware -, as if i have been waiting ages for this moment to happen; as if all questions have been answered with meaningful gestures, when the kogi woman put me a chain of red beads from her necklace by our farewell; and what does the decoded language mean, when the children whispered me: “kogis are keeping the spirit of a l u n a alive”?

in the next days i met santiago, an activist who brought me to the village of el canto, a wiwa community, two hours away from the main road; magnificent beauty and mystery were present in every scent of flower, plant, stone, animal, river, sound. it was love at first sight; a hallucination that made me come back after few months and meet simongey, a so called ‘hipi kogi’ that he has lived in the mountains for 20 years and knew the heart of sierra very well. “this holly mountain keeps a lot of secrets and is only for those with pure heart; but, i think you will go through the challenges”, he said while we were crossing the main road to walk the paths of the tropical forrest to palomino -, a very mystical village near to the crystal clear waters of the palomino river. after a half an hour, he said: “from now on, we walk barefoot!”

i had nothing to fear, even the water sometime was very dark and the plants so huge. no evil thought was coming out of my mind, only admiration and love for any creature. huge blue butterflies were dancing on the air, welcoming us, and trees had shapes that looked to be alive. i was in love in every sight, and dizzy, as if i was completely drunk. in the path we met an teenager indian boy and three younger ones. simongey exchanged hainio with him, as a gesture of salutation and blessing and he spoke with him. my eyes were locked on the the three boys; they had beautiful black long hairs and seemed to be in a very good physical form. i guess, none has realized, how we both were looking each other and smiling full confident, as if we knew for very long time and we were meeting again; no photographs, no videos, nothing was allowed to be taken out of the heart of this holy place. the only testimony was the present moment and my memory. i felt so honored to be present in this holy space. my heart was opening and expanding as everything seemed to be alive, as i saw nature itself in the green olive-brown eyes of these children; its beauty, its clarity, its strength, its mystery.

“gracias madre!”, i said and jumped with all my power to the wild turquoise blue waters of the river, immediately as we reached the village. i have never seen so huge stones inside the water – their shape looked liked sculptures; i was really amazed, and the water so powerful. it needed kind of strength to swim and confidence, as the current was very strong. i loved it! my gifts brought a lot of happiness to the children and the women of the village. they offered me their fruits and fresh vegetables, and laughed with the stories that simongey told them about my wish to meet them. the most funny one was when i demanded from the soldiers of the national guard to take the cans of their food back to town. they looked at me surprised and wondered, if i have feel afraid to travel alone. “i don’t feel fear nor from you nor from nature”, i sad. “i respect and all respects me.”

we stayed one week in palomino and then walked higher to an other small community of simongey’s indigenous friends. from the highs, my only view were the mountains and the infinite green, and everywhere the harmonic voice of nature. i was so far away from home and even though, every breath i took, every living being i felt, all made me sense that this was my home! a very unique experience; so deep, that it made me give up completely my earthly life and successful socio-cultural documentary work 4(eve)r.ay°



descendants of the tayrona people, the wiwa, also known as arsarios or malayo, are one of the four indigenous tribes that live native in the mountains of santa marta in sierra nevada (colombia). most of their territories have been taken away from the querilleros FARC, and their land has been bought with the gold that was found from expeditions

owing anything else than few fields, which men have received from their women after their marriage, they feed their families cultivating yucca, corn and bananas

even they live in a natural environment, due to the territorial conflict and the lack of food supplies, the wiwa have been forced to use foreign products, like industrial rise, salt, oil and alcohol. these changes brought along with them consequences, such as diseases

foreign animals, that have been brought to their land, they have polluted their rivers; also chemicals, that they used to wash their clothes and their pots, as their invaders did. only few communities had access to ceramic pots and pure water for cooking in the higher mountains

life at the small community in el canto village is not anymore so joyful, as the mind of the wiwa adults have been corrupted. young, but wise, children feel worry about their future, as their community changes, day by day by the greediness of the local agriculture.

obligated to go to school, where they focus on spanish and english teachings, their wiwa tradition has slowly deteriorated from the daily influences, and television became their new environment and entertainment, at the local storehouse

the elder mamos are frightened, but they keep an eye on the young boys connecting them to their ancestral wisdom through the ritual of hainio, the coca leaves. once a month, they are allowed to enter the ‘casa maria’, their ceremony house, and do a ritual where they sing and have visions. at the age of thirteen, they are wise enough and ready to decide to create their own families. due to sacred ceremonies, they get initiated from the mamo elder men and women into sacred sexuality

women are very quiet, and most of the time occupied at the fields and in the creation of the ‘mochila bags for their husbands and sons. their daughters take care of their babies and all, even the youngest ones assist to daily household; this is how they learn. once a month, by their menstruation, women also gather in casa maria’ to share their cosmo-visions or to talk about intimate family issues

the intention to help the tribe to publish a book with their own wiwa language twelve years ago, it has failed due to the assassination of their leader; he concerned for the future of his people:

nowadays, our culture is loosing ground from its roots for lot of reasons. If we are not going to be able to maintain our Cosmo-vision alive, all the knowledge related to nature and the universal law of creation, which it has been decoded in our language, nothing is going to be left in the memory of the coming generation. And, if something like that is going to happen, a very important part of our wisdom and tradition is going to disappear forever.”, ramon hill, elder mamo of wiwa

today, the wiwa tribe is being protected by the international organization of unesco and the commission of human rights, uno



in 2006 i reached the high mountains of pueblo bello with wilman -, an arhuac student at the university of magdalena, that i met in my first trip to santa marta; his father, mamo vincensio, knowing about my visions, has given me permission to travel to the arhuac territories and meet him.

at the same moment, a young taita, shaman from putumayo, was traveling with us to nabuzimake, bringing the medicine of ‘yaje’, the vine of the soul to the arhuacs

juanito’s olive-emerald green eyes poured through my heart, and i heard him talking to me without moving his lips. i was very familiar with such a perception -, not only from my training with the naguals when roberto was shaken constantly my physical body with his strong telepathic abilities, but also from earlier direct experiences with the 5D realms -, and even though, i was somehow deeply moved from all the events of synchronicity that were unfolding in front of me; everything seemed to be a confirmation, like niko, juanito’s american apprentice, that discussed with me his experience with the books of carlos castaneda and the psychedelic plants during our trip    

i was 33 years old, when i took ‘the vine of the soul’ -, one of the best i have ever had -, at the full moon, as we gathered all together at the fire, inside a small ceremonial house of mamo vincensio. juanito gave me first a strong portion of ‘yaje’ to drink and without even to notice it, i was in the middle of the jungle surrounded from children that were smiling in front of my face. i was so happy present, enjoying this feeling of teleportation, until the door opened and the noise cut off my vision. a wood with the shape of a dragon caught my attention and i took it to hold my hands and dive again into vision. mountains of sierra nevada standing in front of me and i was speaking to the guardians, a huge anaconda flew over me in the speed of light and took me with it to my star; a place full of wired colorful flowers and a unicorn taking that took me for a ride to the wonder-land. by the sunrise, i could barely open my eyes, but i gazed at the sun, and for the first time, i could see all HIS colorful rays 

vincensio, war so impressive that he took his poporo and went to consult kanku seranque, the great spirit. when he returned, he asked juanito if he could visit his sister that had fallen from the donkey and had twisted her neck. he explained him that since two weeks no mamo was able to heal her. juanito agreed with a simple gesture and asked me to joint him. i immediately told him that i knew nothing about shamanism, but he smiled and said: “you don’t need knowledge, you are born with a gift. my taita gives me ‘yaje’ since child, and i can see things what others can not. but, what you did last night with a single drink, only masters do.”

was juanito’s words again a confirmation to all i have experienced since my childhood and didn’t want to believe? why i was denying myself all these years? was nature brought me to this land to show me who i truly was? 

when we reached the house of the 60 years old arahuac woman, juanito prepared his fathers and other ceremonial objects. i had no idea what to do, and intuitively my spiritual north american grand father -, a nomadic shaman leader from the north coast of canada -, appeared in front of my face and guided me to connect with fire.

i opened my palms and asked the great spirit to give me HIS power of life to transmit it to this woman; i touched her feet, her knees, her womb, her hands, her heart, her neck, her head; almost an hour passed by with the treatment we were doing both of us, and juanito asked the arahuac woman to stand up. she could move easily and surprised she touched her neck, but she felt no pain at all; she hugged him and happy walked outside the door to her family. juanito looked at me and said: “miracles can happen, when we truly believe!”

in the coming days we have visited so many arahuac houses and have treated so many sick women and children, that the mamos of this upper part of nabuzimake gathered to consult; what was the mystery, written in their eyes, that has left the wise mamos questioning? have they believed in the power of ‘yage’, the elixir that has awaken me from death to life or they thought, juanito and i were only blessed by nature?

that day, an excited soul journey began in the tropical forests and high mountains of south america, that has lasted 10 years long – a time of great silence and discipline; an endless experience of death and rebirth, that it doesn’t matter how deep or painful it was, now i know: in the silence i have heard the void and i know it exists



“i am the woman who was born alone. i am the woman who fell alone. i am the woman who waits. i am the woman who seeks. i am the woman who looks inwards. i am the woman who looks under the water. i am the sacred swimmer, because i can swim in greatness” 


i have never met maria sabina physically; even though, since the moment i have knew about her, i have felt deeply connected. sie has been a silent teacher to me -, as her knowledge, power and discipline was very similar to my shamanic path, the spirit of the great mother nature