orisha spirit of birth by yoruba priest madeley in santiago (cuba) 1999

astral travelings by nagual leader roberto, carlos castaneda’s group in nyc (usa) 2004

daughter of aluna by the kogui mamos in santa marta (colombia) 2005

maya cosmovision by gerardo kanek barrios in bogota (colombia) 2006

keeper of emerald portals by juanito taita of putumayo and arahuac mamos in sierra nevada (colombia) 2006

crystal language by the wizard bala in nyc (usa) 2005-7

white alchemy of the goddess by the wiccan priestess francesca de gradis in san francisco (usa) 2007

warrior of light by the nagual leader roberto, carlos castaneda’s group in nyc (usa) 2007

daughter of kaku serankua by the arahuac mamos in sierra nevada (colombia) 2007

keeper of the laws of nature by the arahuac mamos in sierra nevada (colombia) 2008

orisha oshun by the yoruba candomblé house in sao paolo (brazil), 2009   

keeper of knowledge by the mayan elder priest cristobal at the ‘age of the jaguar’ ceremony in sedona (arizona) 2012

medicine woman by the nagual leader ge, at the women nagual retreat in saqschawuaman (peru) 2012

altomesayoc by tawantisuyo q’ero high priest ancensio, in hartun karpay otorongo in ausangate (peru) 2012

taitanshis karpai by q’ero high priest eduardo chura apaza in vienna (austria) 2016

nagual leader by nagual leader roberto in telepathic communication in vienna (usa – austria) 2018