i am LDQ

this is a multidimensional code name for the alchemy i serve

other names -, given to me by the elders -, have accessed me to the realms of the goddess, the stars of my origin, my higher self 

i am a keeper of akashic knowledge, medicine woman, artist

i don’t believe in nations, systems, societies

i (=eye) am

as seed of love, i thrive with the crystalline light, always flowing and transforming with the eternal waters

i am grateful for every breath i take and all beings that i meet in my path; each event of synchronicity is ‘supreme excellence’, a mirror of divine grace to re.member, grow and expand my connections with all life

love is all that i give and all that loves me back; i do not try to play savior for none, and even though i have burned myself several times helping others – but this was my great lesson

in my spiritual path, i don’t follow and do not need any followers. i am present to serve the divine source, to reflect its light and to bless, as the great goddess do for all creation

if you ask me to guide you, i will show you the way; indeed, it’s your responsibility to walk it alone

transparent, sharp – like the sword of samurai – and strong, i have no fear to speak my truth ,- whatever your religious, philosophical, ethical ideas are. nevertheless, i prefer to silence. the spoken word has a power that requires wisdom of ‘humble nobility’ 

admirer of magnificence beauty, i look within and respect all beings without to distinguish none by its sex, or its range; only by its vibration

with direct experience i gain wisdom and unite myself with the bio-computer of the embodied mind of the goddess 

i am awake


l i f e


in this physical body, i listened my first heart beat in zurich, where i born from greek parents

growing up in foreign countries, where i spoke multi-languages in young age, i opened my horizons and embraced all earth with no limitations of color, or tribe

the mist of the forest connected me with the unseen realms, where the fairy goddesses whispered me secrets with the wind and the stars revealed me visions in dreams at night

my deep telepathic abilities at seven were causing me already troubles, year by year, as my mind was manifesting my thoughts and the out-body travels were giving me a pleasure that i couldn’t find nowhere else – not even in the metaphysic literature and philosophy that i was reading at the age of thirteen

at school i had few friends -, most of the kids could not reach the level of my consciousness, so there was no communication. i found escape in writing of surrealistic poems that have been published at school newspapers 

i was so brilliant and gifted, they said; i could run in speed of light and won school competitions; indeed, my 3d abilities were causing me sadness. why everyone was worry about me? why none could see me really?

my heart was filled with pain

guided by my intuition, i found release in volleyball; and i played obsessed hours that opportunities arose for a professional career at sixteen and eighteen that i have denied – none has ever succeeded to put me under certain conditions, why now?

my passion was to organize school projects and theater plays, and of course to dance

oh lovely eighties! how much have we enjoyed ridding on the wave of freedom and the rebel sound that was beating within? and how much have we suffered opposing to all?

wild youth, they claimed, and i smiled -, life was wise enough to show me the hidden secrets in the free spirit of the etheric wind, that is alive only there, where its true essence exist

wandering star, i span around touching the highs, and i followed my heart till the recent moment, in peace


s t u d i e s


2001 graduation diploma master of philosophy (mag. phil.) at the institute of theater, film and media sciences, university of vienna, austria. diploma thesis for obtaining the academic degree master of philosophy: patrice leconte. portrait and style. career of a film director. 

2013 international yoga alliance teacher training, ashtanga vinyasa rys 200, pisac / peru


k n o w l e d g e


wutang daoism, vienna 1999-2005

nagualism, carlos castaneda group, nyc 2004-2012

crystal language, nyc 2005-2007

celtic wiccan knowledge, san francisco 2006-2007

south american shamanism, colombia, peru, ecuador 2005-2015

inner earth and extraterrestrial life, slovenia 2006-2009


e x p e r i e n ce


raw vegan nutrition, fruitarian, liquidarian, breatherian

pranayamas, astral travels, etheric body activation, telepathic communication

feng shui, gigong, thai chi, wushu, shaolin kung fu, hatha yoga, ashtanga vinyasa flow, bikram, reiki energy transmission, tu nai meridian massage, crystal bowls

epigenetics, dna recoding, mental training, psychotherapy, metaphysics, potentialism

native cosmovision, laws of nature, shamanism, psychoactive plants, cave isolation, ceremonies

planetary grid, synergy, women circles, workshops, retreats, teachings, 

radio interviews, music composing, singing, video art