• entheogens = goddess’ dna blueprint of life 

ἔνθεος (god) and γενέσθαι (coming into being)


the ET° plant medicine bio-computer of the embodied mind of the goddess, is ab.SOL.UTERUS PSYCHE.delic -, means soul revealing in greek 

it gives life and takes life. it circulates in 8HZ beat per second between mortality and immortality

no.THING is labeled with good or bad in the garden. all is G8D.dess; all is functioning a DV9 pur(e)pose, like everything in cosmos

then, why G8D.ddess’ elixirs are ‘prohibited’? who is trying to stop the human evolution and why?

personally, i felt no danger in the psychoactive plants, rather the contrary; the mushrooms have expended my consciousness and tuned me directly with myself, nature and all cosmos -, that is the ALPHA and OMEGA of all creation

what is wrong to sense, that everything is alive, that everything is inter-connected with each other?

being part of the urbane community of artists in nyc and active member to raise consciousness with my socio-cultural documentaries, i have been linked to terrence mckenna -, an american ethnobotanist and advocate for the responsible use of naturally occurring psychedelic plants 

his lectures, that i have spent months listening at the web, re.membered me of a decoded language that i have used in my speech and which was not always accessible to others -, as my body was spinning in the speed of light due to the long and daily training with the daoist master, wang dongfeng

in that period of time, i have managed to exercise 8 hours per day, for 5 years during my studies at the university, and the result was enormous; my light body was so activated, that i couldn’t sleep, rather meditate for few hours

floating in zero energy and spinning in light consciousness, i was a ‘star-ship’; a vehicle of light in a state of super-conductivity, hyper-intelligence and eternal bliss -, a definition, that i have given for the activation of my light body, and for which i was very glad to listen terence mckenna to confirm

note: (ET is known as extra temporal or extra terrestrial; in the new galactic consciousness of christ, ET goes beyond T.ime and space into the in.PHI.nite liquid light, that all is Eternal Telepathy; Electro-Trance, Electricity Transmit)