art is without limitations. the more you allow, the more you experience diversity and union of oneness”, albero lescay


i met alberto lescay in santiago de cuba, in 2000, during the researches of my socio-political documentary ‘the independent party of colored people’. his sculptures -, especially the abstract ones dedicated to the ‘maroons’ of cuba -, have touched deeply my heart. i have never thought, that he would guide me to trust, flow in inspiration of the moment and paint with no limitations

in 2004, a series of socio-cultural documentaries about brazilian hip hop brought me to the legendary os gemeos; i could never imagine how their daily interaction with graffiti would obsess me, as it has done -, it has influenced deeply my personal view for the colors and their effectiveness 

in the coming years, while visiting and living for a long period with the indigenous tribes in sierra nevada (colombia), i have been experienced a complete re-awaken of my skills and re-connection with nature, light and creative power

since this unique and direct experience, i have acknowledged colors and symbols to have tremendous healing powers

my first handcrafts were experiments of abstract painting and symbols on white t-shirts. later i have used various others techniques, mostly inspired from graffiti painting, photography and language, called c o d e s i g n s

mural paintings in apu organic / ylla wasi arts of light in pisac / peru in 2012


collective exhibition of pure cotton and hand painted t-shirts at the gallery of cristina botero in bogotá, colombia, in 2006