in trance, you transcend 

i would have never known my truth, if my teachers wouldn’t have challenged me enough: “if you accept your death, you are not afraid to die. the shadows fade away and the knowledge you gain, the ability to perceive everything from within your heart, it makes you powerful and wise – you are a free spirit!” 

colombia, ecuador, peru -, high mountains and tropical forests, crystalline rivers and lakes -, the green emerald heart has embraced my humbleness

ten years long i have learned to use the therapeutic and shamanic practices of the healing plants and entheogens, such as yaje, ayahuasca, wuachuma, wilca, rapĂ©, shaama, mapacho, hainio and cocoa

every master-plant was a different medicine and acknowledgement; all together were a soul print of the bio-logical essence of nature -, the mystical, psychedelic (=soul revealing) living organism which is inter-connected and fully bended with each other, and with life itself 

the ceremonies i do are challenging and need good will, self-love and discipline:

munay sonqo ceremonies combine the power of the cocoa plant and the munay cosmovision of the q’ero indians of peru -, the path of the heart that has respect and appreciation for everyone and everything. munay make us communicate with all living creation (mineral, vegetable, animal, human and light beings) in the heart and feel its interconnected bond with all existence, while the cocoa plant can deepen and harmonize these connections with all life; munay teach us to listen to the voice of the inner drum, that beats within our heart; thereby we come closer to ourselves and the true meaning of life, the living breath that keeps us alive


important benefits


cleansing the body from toxins in general
reducing anxiety and bringing calmness
reducing / eliminating auto-destructive habits (all kinds of addictions)
removal of fears and psycho-emotional blockages
lung capacity improvement
blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and heart beat issues improvement
preparing the body for deeper interaction with entheogens

2015-2018 ceremonies

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