p h o t o s y n t h e s i s

is an experimental video art series based on the electromagnetic radiation of light (colors) in nature

from the greek φῶςphōs, (light), and σύνθεσιςsynthesis, (putting together), i see photon not only as a bio-chemical formula of light-synthesis that occurs in the plants, algae and cyanobacteria, but also in the hypothalamus of the human brain

science has proven that color has a tremendous power on human cognition, physiologically and psychologically; color stimuli are characterized completely in terms of hue (wavelength), brightness or value (black-to-white quality) and saturation or chroma (purity or vividness, with lower saturation colors containing more grey). their perception is not only a function of lightness, chroma, and hue, but also of factors such as viewing distance and angle, amount and type of ambient light, and presence of other colors in the immediate background and general environmental surround

each video art series has an individual approach to light radiation, color reflection, environment, art of filming and human cognition, as there are various topics of investigation: (a) color reactions as functions of personality and psychopathology, (b) physiological reactions to color, (c) color preferences, (d) color effects on emotions, (e) color effects on behavior, and (f) reactions to color concepts.


p h o t o s y n t h e s i s # 01

is designed to investigate the perception of long wavelength hues (pink / green) and (violet / blue), video-taped on flowers, and represented in abstract form 

video art by aem (anamorph experimental music) 

filmed at rax, austria 2015

field recordings and acoustic instruments by aem (anamorph experimental music), live synthesizer by ldq ysimaro

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