“a new solar time is about to arise from the belly button of the earth, cosqo”


the idea of an interactive space for art and sound has come to my mind in 2005 during the shooting of the short documentary, ‘jardem colombo’

initially i got inspired from the socio-cultural project that my friends, os gemeos, were doing in their home town, sao paolo with their graffiti art, ‘expresso arte’

later i admired the powerful manifestation of colors and their symbolic radiation in the indigenous handcrafts. i was convinced that color and sound can re-activate the genetic memory of the human cells and lead people back to their origins, to the akasha memory

in 2009, myself and luis alberto angel have developed an interactive installation in cusco; unfortunately it has never been released in public 

in summer 2014, during my visit at the school of arts – universidad nacional diego guispe tito in cusco to discuss about the same idea and the interactive exhibition, i have been unexpectedly invited by the director of arts to give a lecture / workshop about my project ‘luz color: intermedialidad en el arte’ by the end of the year

due to health issues of my family, i had to cancel the date of the presentation that i have been preparing with the assistance of césar gavancho chavéz, painter / professor of the university, and travel to europe

three years passed by and the light streams of aurora are still alive in my visions empowering me to fulfill my purpose

on 8th of december 2018 i woke up again with the same vision; i have been guided to expose my intention in public and ask innovative investors for sponsorship

“please assist me to put a seed of light in a fertile ground for the coming generations”

sincerely yours

LDQ ysimaro