symela f., is a multi-disciplinary artist, filmmaker, experimental music composer and producer, quantum therapist; nagual 

born in rainy zurich, at the blossom of the spring from a caucasian and alexandrine descended greek family

growing up in foreign countries, she spoke multi-languages in young age and was fascinated by ancient tribes and traditions

inflamed by the power of the light, she had out-body experiences in her childhood and traveled to the stars 

the mist of the forest, the fairy goddesses and her dead grandmothers linked her to the unseen realms of the spirit; she was encouraged to trust her inherited gifted psychic abilities 

at the age of eleven, adapting to a non-verbal communication, she found interested in metaphysic literature, philosophy and writing 

she published surrealistic poems and drawings at school newspapers, won school competitions in sports, performed theater plays, organized school projects and had a professional volley-ball career that she quit for linguistic studies

however, film directing was her passion; she filmed and produced various social-cultural documentaries, participated in international film festivals and opposed against racism and human rights

searching for higher purpose in life, she traveled to indigenous tribes in south america, where she lived very long time isolated in nature experiencing the healing power of the psychoactive plants

the daily light body energy practice inspired her to work on handcraft, painting on textile and quantum / sound therapy; she performed public workshops and started to teach

nowadays, she composes and produces electroacoustic, electronic music



2013 international yoga alliance teacher training, ashtanga vinyasa rys 200, pisac / peru

2001 graduation diploma master of philosophy (mag. phil.) at the institute of theater, film and media sciences, university of vienna, austria. diploma thesis for obtaining the academic degree master of philosophy as film director: patrice leconte. portrait and style. career of a film director. 



raw vegan nutrition, fruitarian, liquidarian, breatherian

astral travels, etheric body activation, telepathic communication

feng shui, gigong, thai chi, wushu, shaolin kung fu

pranayamas, hatha / ashtanga vinyasa flow, bikram yoga

tu nai meridian massage, reiki energy transmission, crystal bowls

mental training, dna recoding, metaphysics

shamanism, psychoactive plants, cave isolation

planetary grid, synergy, workshops, teachings



wutang daoism / master wang dongfeng, vienna 1999-2005

orisha spirit of birth / yoruba priest madeley, santiago (cuba) 1999 / the yoruba candomblé house, sao paolo (brazil), 2009  

astral travelings, nagual training / nagual leader roberto, carlos castaneda’s group, nyc (usa) 2004-18

maya cosmovision / gerardo kanek barrios, bogota (colombia) 2005

crystal language / wizard lawrence w. lyons, nyc (usa) 2005-7

inner earth and extraterrestrial life / ishtar antares / matjaz obranovic, slovenia 2006-2009

laws of nature / arahuac mamos, sierra nevada (colombia) 2006-11

goddess alchemy / wiccan priestess francesca de gradis, san francisco (usa) 2007

keeper of knowledge / elder priest cristobal at the ‘age of the jaguar’ ceremony, sedona (arizona) 2012

medicine woman / nagual leader ge at the women nagual retreat, saqschawuaman (peru) 2012

altomesayoc / q’ero high priest ancensio, hartun karpay otorongo in ausangate (peru) 2013

taitanshis karpai / q’ero high priest eduardo chura apaza in vienna (austria) 2016