shamanism. quantum holistics. experimental art. sound

i am LDQ

welcome and enjoy your visit! 



crossing the galaxies

ridding the stars

i am electric blue

a flying heart

a drum of love

beating divine

welcoming home

stardust of mine




i look into your eyes

and see me

i feel your breath in mine

and touch your heart with a smile

i listen your name

with the wind

when i dive

in sofia’s dream

we have met before

and now again

my love is bound forever

in every drop of ὕδωρ

crystallized in eons

in the depths of the ocean

where reborn

from the scent of rose

immortal will rise

in flesh

on sacred land

of my ancestors

where i walk barefoot

kissing the roots of the trees

that embrace the fire

of the inner sun

spinning in the solar discs

inside the crystal domes

as the dolphins swim

in liquid light


holographic tele-paths

of sound

in children’s laughters

to record history

of akasha wisdom

in the particles of the blood

sending signals

to the neurons of the

for all life to thrive within

the paradise

of the h.ear.t

and shine in all colors

of love goddess

s.he is all