sophia’s dream is(is) a drop of ὕδωρ 

crystalized in the depth of the oceans 4.eve.r(ay)°

reborn from the scent of the rose, in immortal flesh will revive

on the sacred land of black mater, where i(=eye) walk barefoot

kissing the roots of the trees that embrace the fire of the inner sun;

atlantis was never fallen -, it has existed eternal in the hyperspace of φῠσις 

where crystalline domes of geometric forms build a city of liquid ether

in the heaven realms of the spirit, where dolphins dance in electric blue

and beam holographic telepaths at children’s laughter;

how many aeons has γνῶσις ever recorded history

of solar dust in akashic datas within the blood

for all life to thrive within the h.ear.t

and shine in all colors?